Will We Ever Understand Each Other? Area Studies and Western Policy toward Russia. An oral history project about the Harriman Institute's role in regional studies, academia, and its influence on shaping U.S. foreign policy toward the post-Soviet region.
A cross-center discussion about the current state of society, politics and economics in Brazil with Maria Paula Carvalho ('13 JRN), journalist and author of Brazil: The Reconstruction, Bruno Pantaleão de Oliveira, and Rio Center Director Thomas J. Trebat.
La Condition noire (26 février 2018). Patricia Williams (Columbia) et Pap Ndiaye (Sciences Po) interviennent dans ce débat animé par Balla Fofana (Libération).
Libération de la parole des femmes de #metoo à #balancetonporc. Table ronde avec Marcela Iacub, Azadeh Kian, Vincent Toledano.
The Columbia Sounds Concert Series celebrates composer Serge Prokofiev with a unique concert blending music and the archives. Cindy Liu (CC'18), piano. (Nov. 7, 2017)
Author Safwan M. Masri discusses his new book, Tunisia: An Arab Anomaly, with Andrew Hussey.
Architect and Columbia alumnus Robert Grace speaks with architects Tarik Oualalou and Lina Choi about resistance and collaboration
Sébastien Marot, philosopher and critic in architecture and landscape design, discusses the topography and landscapes of Eric Rohmer's films.
Iranian author Azar Nafisi about her book, The Republic of Imagination, with Thierry Grillet of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and Loren Wolfe, Paris Program Manager
Akeel Bilgrami, Dr. Vishakha Desai, and Urvashi Butalia discuss the effects of globalization on their reading, their work, and their interpretation of the world – good and bad, expected and unexpected.
Language and Politics. For many Indian authors, choosing which language to write in is an important and sometimes perilous decision, with broad-ranging repercussions that can influence local and international book sales.
Sanjay Subrahmanyan, Urvashi Butalia, and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak talk about research methods and writing history
In 2014, Reid Hall celebrated a very special milestone: 50 years with Columbia University, after Helen Rogers Reid bequeathed to Columbia the property that had meant so much to her family and to the international community in Paris.
On December 8, 2014 Reid Hall and Columbia University celebrate their 50-year anniversary at the historic George C. Marshall Center (Hôtel de Talleyrand) in Paris.