PGIF Awardees – Round 6

Lead PI: Terry McGovern

Project Title: "Addressing Gender-Based Violence: A Public Health and Law School Partnership in Kisumu, Kenya"

Lead PI: Malo Hutson

Project Title: "An Examination of Disaster Management and Recovery in Post-Disaster Chile"

Lead PI: Neil Boothby

Project Title: "Co-Creating an Urban Displacement Solutions Alliance"

Lead PI: Rishi Goyal

Project Title: "Colonial Medicine, Literature and Contemporary Healthcare in India"

Lead PI: Jeanine D'Armiento

Project Title: "Fostering International Networks and Multidisciplinary Research to Promote an Understanding of the Health Effects of Biomass Exposure"

Lead PI: Annika Sweetland

Project Title: "Harnessing the science of e-learning to increase access to mental health care in Brazil"

Lead PI: Sarah Knuckey

Project Title: "Mental Health and the Psychological Impact of War on Individuals, Families, and Communities in Yemen"

Lead PI: Andrea Howard

Project Title: "Implementation Science and Global Health: Taking Knowledge to Action"

Lead PI: Michael Best

Project Title: "Initiative to Study Economic Policy in Jordan"

Lead PI: Craig Spencer

Project Title: "Measuring Human Rights Violations and Mortality Amongst Migrants and Refugees in the Sahel Region"


Lead PI: Andreas Hielscher

Project Title: "Planning Collaborations on Novel Methods and Technologies to Diagnose, Monitor and Treat Diabetic Foot Syndrome"


Lead PI: Philip LaRussa

Project Title: "Proposal to convene a Meeting of key Sub-Saharan African pediatrics health care leaders and related governmental officials at the Columbia University Global Center in Nairobi, Kenya in August of 2018"

Lead PI: Sidney Hemming

Project Title: "Student Geology Research in the Turkana Basin"

Lead PI: Joaquim Ignacio Goes

Project Title: "Towards early detection and forecasting of hypoxic events, harmful algal bloom outbreaks and fish mortality events along the west coast of India"

Lead PI: Yael Kiro Feldman

Project Title: "Water availability during extreme arid events in the Middle East in the past, pre-sent and future: connecting between science, policy, and urban design"