Reid Hall Covid 2022 Regulations

Open hours: January 3 – December 23, 2022

  • Monday - Saturday:  8h – 22h30
  • Sunday: 10h – 16h30

Until further notice, we expect all who enter to comply with the following regulations at Reid Hall:


  • Show proof of vaccination or its equivalent to your program director.

Vaccinated students will receive a Reid Hall ID that will serve as their swipe access card for entry into the premises. All other students must ring the intercom and present their PCR/antigen test/serologic results to the receptionist

  • Sign your program’s code of honor stipulating that, among others, you will:
    • Participate in testing, contact tracing, and isolation and quarantine protocols, when required
    • Declare symptoms/positive test results to your program director or designated staff member, who, in turn, will alert Reid Hall’s administration
    • Stay home or leave the premises if you begin experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Freely enter the premises based on the assumption that you continue to meet the health and safety protocols on-site
  • Students cannot invite guests into Reid Hall
  • After office hours and on weekends, you can continue to access the common spaces designated by your program director. The spaces will be kept open. If they are locked, please alert the receptionist who will unlock the door
  • Enter Reid Hall via rue de Chevreuse; exit via rue de la Grande Chaumière to avoid congregating at the entrance
  • Wear a face covering over both your mouth and nose while in Reid Hall’s common interior and exterior spaces (library, student salon, hallways, staircases, restrooms, etc.), including classrooms, conference rooms, and gardens
  • Do not congregate outside of classrooms, offices, or in common spaces

Entrance: 4 Rue de Chevreuse

  • Use your Reid Hall ID to open the door; ring the intercom if you do not have a card
  • Enter the premises wearing a face covering over both mouth and nose
  • Disinfect hands upon entry; a hydroalcoholic-gel dispenser is located at the entrance
  • Do not ask reception for mail or packages; program staff will collect/store them in their offices

Classrooms/Conference rooms

  • Only enter classrooms/conference rooms if you have a class/event/etc.
  • Do not move/rearrange tables and chairs
  • Face coverings, worn over both nose and mouth, are obligatory

Reid Hall Student Lounge

  • Face coverings, worn over both nose and mouth, are obligatory, unless you are eating or drinking
  • If you eat or drink, do not leave anything behind


  • Pianos are for concert use only, please do not uncover them


  • Face coverings ARE required in Reid Hall’s outdoor spaces
  • No smoking on the premises
  • Do not move tables and chairs from their original placement
  • If you eat or drink in the gardens, do not leave anything behind

Exit:  Rue de la Grande Chaumière

  • To exit, press the silver button directly inside the recycling shed, to the left upon entering


For COVID-related inquiries, please contact Krista Faurie, Operations and Projects Manager, [email protected]