Santiago Education

In the past few yeas, Chile has been facing strong educational challenges, so since its opening, the Santiago Center has been placing a particular emphasis on this field, promoting visits from experts, research and investigation, workshops, and a variety of other initiatives.

During 2019, we held other activities involving education, including visits from renowned Columbia professors. In September, Jacquelyn Duran, Director of Enrichment Services at the Hollingworth Center and Chilean Hollingworth Fellows Ana María and María Eugenia Rivera (TC’15), worked with a number of preschool teachers in workshops focusing on science education from early childhood. In April, Teachers College’s (TC) Kimberly Noble presented to education experts and academics at the Centro de Estudios Públicos, “The Neuroscience of Inequality: Does Poverty Show Up in Children’s Brains?,” which was co-sponsored by the Santiago Center. At last, in January, Ellen Meier, Director of the Center for Technology and School Change at Teachers College, reviewed the implementation of the Project Based Learning system in schools in the United States, in “Building the Capacity of Schools for Pedagogical Innovation".

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