Sarwerasa Rafizada

Sarwerasa Rafizada

Research Topic:
The Study of Afghan Diaspora Literature Based on Fairclough’s Critical Discourse Analysis

Sarwerasa Rafizada has a doctorate in Persian literature. She completed her bachelor's degree at Kabul University and her master's and doctoral degrees from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Her research interests are in the field of women and gender studies in literature, and for this reason she dedicated her doctoral dissertation to the study of the representation of women's issues in contemporary Afghan fiction.

Prior to the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, she taught as a lecturer at Rena University and was also in charge of the university's scientific research center. Previously, during her student days at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, she worked with the scientific center of Ferdowsi studies and literature of Khorasan. She taught Persian writing to Tajik students for two semesters. She also collaborated with Dr. Yahaghi in correcting the book Tarikh-e Beyhaghi, one of the most authoritative historical sources in the Persian language. In addition, she collaborated in compiling the book Persian Culture of Afghanistan (Dari). She has also taught at the University of Afghanistan and Khwarazmi University.

Her research at Columbia Global Centers | Amman examines Afghan Diaspora Literature. This research aims to explain the general situation of the society and show the concerns, aspirations, opportunities, and collective feelings of the immigrant community that is reflected in the light of this literature. The results of these studies can also be used as sources for cultural and anthropological studies. Diaspora literature addresses some gaps in sociological approaches to migration.\



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