UGE Program

Undergraduate Global Engagement (UGE)

Columbia University has developed a strong academic footprint in Europe through its distinctive undergraduate programming, which challenges students to step outside the boundaries of a traditional French language program and use French as a means to further their understanding of their own areas of study. Under the direction of Séverine Martin, students attend the program during the fall, spring, and/or summer semesters and some choose a full academic year.

In collaboration with leading institutional partners such as Sciences Po and the universities of Paris 1, Paris 7, and Paris 4, the program offers a broad range of disciplines, from the social sciences and humanities, to math and the natural and physical sciences. In addition, UGE values a truly diverse and cosmopolitan education, and actively engages students in local and global issues. Through its rich on-site course offerings, local guest speakers, frequent co-curricular excursions, participation in community events, as well as conference and research activities, UGE offers an unparalleled linguistic and cultural immersion.

Further, students also engage in serious research and writing under the direction of both Columbia and French university faculty. For undergraduates, directed research projects are an essential part of the fall and spring semesters. While it is not required, many students take advantage of this remarkably important option and produce exceptional research papers, either in English or in French, in close collaboration with leading academics.

Since 2015, Columbia College students have been able to enroll in two Core classes while they study in Paris. Courses in Music Humanities and Art Humanities have been taught in English by such important members of faculty as Susan BoyntonWalter Frisch, and Peter Susser from the Music department, and Robert Harrist, Barry Bergdoll, and Holger Klein, from the Art History department.