UIIS student volunteers

Student Volunteer Opportunities

As part of the University initiative to provide international students with access to study spaces and to build community in 90+ cities around the world, the Columbia Global Centers are looking for volunteers to support communications, events, and community-building in their locations and across the world.
Volunteer positions below are formal, and student contributions will be acknowledged by the University for their tremendous value to Columbia students, alumni, and the University as a whole. Student volunteers will become members of the Global Student Advisory Council, an important body that will advise and help with on-the-ground plans to create a Columbia community away from campus and to enhance the overall experience of international students. 
We believe that taking up this assignment will contribute to your and your fellow students’ wellbeing. We recognize that you are busy and that these are challenging times, and we will be cautious not to burden you. We expect that your role will require, at most, an average of 1-2 hours a week of work. 


Available volunteer opportunities


Outreach and Engagement Volunteer

As an Outreach and Engagement Volunteer, we will look to you for advice on the most effective and efficient ways to connect with students and to help carry out some of the responsibilities below:

  • Spark conversations with fellow students - engage with other Columbia students on appropriate social media platforms to inform peers about the WeWork spaces and events taking place there.
  • Share stories - it’s not just about the events and spaces, it’s about the students. Bring your and your fellow students’ experiences to life by posting (and encouraging others to post) on how you are using the WeWork spaces. Use imagery, quotes, snippets of videos, and highlight them to the Global Student Advisory Council.
  • We welcome innovative ideas you may bring to this role.
Events and Community Volunteer

As an Events and Community Volunteer, you will join the team that is conceptualizing and curating programs and events for international students at our pop-up locations. You will also be asked to help carry out some of the responsibilities below:

  • Engage in on-going dialogue with local alumni and regional alumni group representatives to offer suggestions and feedback on planned and potential programming and events.
  • Help organize and support in-person and online community events. This may include working with fellow volunteers, WeWork staff, and school and alumni representatives in a variety of ways, from helping a local speaker with what she may need to ensuring appropriate signage.


School Liaison Volunteer

As a School Liaison Volunteer, you will be called upon to be a key point person for your school in your city. You will work with the Global Centers team, your school, and other School Liaison Volunteers to help create bridges between the online experience of your fellow students and your in-person campus experience (when conditions permit). You will also be asked to help carry out some of the responsibilities below:

  • Provide information and be a contact person between your school and the various WeWork locations, including helping with organizing school-specific events. This can mean working with various campus units, faculty, or others, as appropriate, to provide suggestions from students, and to bring to life what your school plans to offer on the ground or virtually.
  • Help connect your school's events across regions, ensuring your fellow volunteers around the world coordinate to leverage the impact of various programs and networking opportunities.


Volunteer Opportunities