Past Event

Book Talk & Discussion with Thomas Hatch: The Education We Need for a Future We Can't Predict

April 22, 2021
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM



Time: 8:30 - 10:00 PM (Beijing) | 8:30 - 10:00 AM (New York)

This event will feature a conversation between Professor Thomas Hatch and leading education experts in China on why efforts to change and reform conventional schools fail so often and what concrete steps we can take to transform the education system over the long term.

Points to be covered:

  1. Why do schools need to change?
  2. Why is it so hard to change conventional schooling on a large scale?
  3. What does it take to create new schools and more powerful learning experiences?
  4. How can we transform education altogether?


About the Book

In order for educational systems to change, we must reevaluate deep-seated beliefs about learning, teaching, schooling, and race that perpetuate inequitable opportunities and outcomes.

In his new book, drawing on his experiences as an observer, researcher, educator, and an involved parent in the past 30 years in the U.S. as well as in other countries like Norway, Professor Hatch shows how to challenge the conventional structures, practices, and beliefs that define educational experiences for so many children and casts a new vision of what school could be.

This provocative book addresses current systemic problems and solutions as it:

  • Highlights global examples of successful school change
  • Describes strategies that improve educational opportunities and performance
  • Explores promising approaches to developing new learning opportunities
  • Outlines conditions for supporting wide-scale educational improvement


Thomas HATCH

Thomas Hatch is a Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University and Director of the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST). His research includes studies of school improvement efforts at the school, district, and national levels. His latest book, The Education We Need for a Future We Can’t Predict (Corwin, 2021), focuses on efforts to create more powerful learning experiences both inside and outside schools in developed and developing contexts. He is also the founder and managing editor of He previously served as a Senior Scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.  His other books include Managing to Change: How Schools can Survive (and Sometimes Thrive) in Turbulent Times (Teachers College Press, 2009); Into the Classroom: Developing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Teachers College Press, 2005); and School Reform Behind the Scenes (Teachers College Press, 1999).


Event Speakers
Yimin Gao

Yimin Gao is an Associate Director and Deputy Dean at Institute of International and Comparative Education of Beijing Normal University. He is also the Secretary General of the Comparative Education Branch of Chinese Society of Education. Prof. Gao specializes in comparative studies on school management, higher education, and education policies and reform, especially with a research interest in Japanese education. 


Shi Wang

Shi Wang is Assistant to Principal at Tsinghua University High School and Director of College Counseling, Academic Consultant of Tsinglan School, and Vice Principal of Tsinghua Daoxiang School. He is also the residential staff of College Board Summer Institute of College Counseling, co-founder of ChinaICAC, initiator of BUIC ( British Universities in China), and international advisor at IE in Spain and University of St Andrews. Wang is a member of NACAC & InternationalACAC and a former member of the International Advisory Committee of the College Board. He won the “Outstanding Contribution Award” from the United States Department of States (Education USA).

He is widely recognized by Top schools in the United States as China's expert in college admissions counseling and international education. Furthermore, he has written articles on China's international education that were published in many public media including the New York Times.


Nan Zhang

Nan Zhang is the Director at the Office of International Cooperation & Exchanges at Mingyuan Institute Of Education Laboratory Primary School. Zhang has over 20 years of front-line teaching and management experience. She has been appointed the Backbone Teacher of Beijing for three consecutive years.


Jun Teng

Jun Teng (moderator), Associate Professor and Deputy Dean at the Institute of International and Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University; Member of the Executive Committee of the World Comparative Education Societies, and Assistant Secretary-General of Comparative Education Society for Asia. She was also a former Adjunct Associate professor, at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a short-term consultant to the World Bank Global Education Partnership.

Dr. Teng has long been engaged in comparative education research. Her main research areas include international organization and its education policies, 21st century core literacy, global competence, education governance, international education, and development education. Her latest books include: Preparing to work in International Organizations (Shanghai Educational Publishing House, 2018), and Reconstructing the Neo- Modern Curriculum: An Investigation on Curriculum Development in International Schools in China (Shanghai Educational Publishing House, 2019).


  • Event language: English & Mandarin, simultaneous interpretation available
  • If you have any questions, please email [email protected]