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Beijing Webinar: The Secret to Fulfillment in Middle Age? This Documentary by Columbia Scholars Helps You Find Out

May 18, 2020
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Columbia Global Centers | Beijing cordially invites you to MeetSoul's online premiere and a discussion on fulfillment and happiness particularly among the middle-aged to understand struggles, reflections, thinking, and opportunities after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the documentary film MeetSoul, you will watch stories of a VP of a multinational corporation, a CEO of a big brand company in China, a funder of a renowned NGO, a President of a Chinese bank, a professional manager, and psychological aesthetics advocators – they all share the same identity as a visiting scholar at Columbia University’s Weatherhead East Asian Institute. You will experience their journey of searching the meaning of life at Columbia and in the New York City, where people perpetually pursue freedom, self-development, and limitless possibilities.

In the following discussion, scholars and experts from social and cultural psychology, psychotherapy, talent development, leadership, and family relations will analyze beyond the surface to explore the essence of challenges we are facing, and also suggest ways to improve the sense of happiness and subjective satisfactions.

This webinar is the seventh event of the Beijing Center's Coronavirus Thematic Series Program.


About the Film

MeetSoul is a documentary film directed by two visiting scholars of Columbia University's Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Jianxiong LI and Shan Shan. The film is originally their research projects during their period of study at Columbia, which is then developed into a sustainable project under the same name. MeetSoul features six WEAI’s visiting scholars from China who are in their 30s+ facing challenges, looking for answers, and gaining inspiration and growth energy from Columbia University and the New York City.


Qingwang WEI

Qingwang WEI is an associate professor of Department of Psychology and researcher at National Academy of Development and Strategy at Renmin University of China. His research area is social and cultural psychology, focusing on social mentality cultivation and social psychological service system construction. He writes consulting reports for the government and has spoke at local universities, primary and secondary schools, and online public welfare platforms, and youth and children's organizations. He is also a lecturer in the course of personality psychology at Beijing Normal University.


Haowei Wang

Haowei WANG is a psychiatrist who is currently Director of the Taiwan Institute of Psychotherapy. He is a certified Jungian Analyst and specializes in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision, Healthcare, Medicine, and Life Transitions. WANG graduated from School of Medicine at Kaohsiung Medical University. Previously he served as an attending physician in the Department of Psychiatry of National Taiwan University Hospital, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, and Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital. He is also the President of Taiwan Association of Psychotherapy.


Shi Zhao

Shi ZHAO is the former executive and founding director of Beijing Normal University's Executive Development Programs and founder of Systematic Intelligence Academy (系统智慧学苑). During his time at Beijing Normal University, he offered trainings to more than 3000 school principals and teachers from primary and secondary schools in China every year. His research applies systematic thinking and mental growth to talent development, leadership, family education, school education, and other areas. He and his team has built a personal growth model with mental development as the top focus and experience integration as the main method.


jianfei wang

Jianfei WANG is a consulting psychologist and trainer. He studied under Dr. John Banmen, a famous family therapist in Canada, and Dr. Lam Sokfun, a famous psychologist in Malaysia. His research mainly focuses on Satir's family therapy model. WANG has been working in the field of psychological consultant since 2008. In 2017, he initiated a psychological counseling program against domestic violence. In 2018, he initiated a psychological care project for families with autism patients and completed a total of 8000 hours on cases of family therapy, couples therapy, adolescent psychotherapy, and psychological rehabilitation of autism patients.


jianxiong li

Jianxiong LI is a visiting scholar of Columbia University's Weatherhead East Asian Institute, founder of MeetSoul project, and producer of documentary film MeetSoul. Previously, he served as the founding secretary-general of TAL Foundation, senior PR director of TAL Education Group, senior PR manager of VANCL, editor of CYZone, and producer of TV program Master Class at Guangdong Television. In 2019, he visited Weatherhead Institute and started his research on spiritual growth in the material age.


shan shan

Shan Shan is a visiting scholar of Columbia University's Weatherhead East Asian Institute, founder of MeetSoul project, and director and photographer of documentary film MeetSoul. She is an independent producer and previously served as an editor-in-chief of international news at Xinjiang Television. In 2019, Shan Shan visited Weatherhead Institute. Her research focuses on Tai Chi of life.


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