Past Event

Beyond the Music: Tanzanian Artists - Activism, Advocacy, and Community Work

June 14, 2018
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
ICAP at Columbia University - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Music, as a form of artistic expression, has the advantage of being very loud - attracting attention and influencing opinion. It can help in healing, in breaking down barriers and borders, in reconciling, and it can also educate. As a cultural right, music can help to promote and protect other human rights (civil, political, economic or social). It has a huge impact on what we think and how we view the world, especially now that it is so easily accessible and transferable via social media and streaming platforms.

There are many amazing examples of music being used around the world as a tool for learning and social change as well as build movements. Still, few artists are actually taking advantage of the prodigious influence they have. "Beyond the Music" is a discussion series moderated by a community activist that will dive into deep conversations with artists who believe in the power of advocacy and activism in music.

Nahreel - NavyKenzo
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Aika - NavyKenzo 
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Rosa Ree
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Lulu Diva 
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Izzo Bizness

Opening Remarks by Professor Yogi Trivedi of Columbia University

With special guests:
Swiss Ambassador H.E. Arthur Mattli
DJ D-Ommy
Frida Amani

The Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi invites you to "Beyond the Music: Tanzania" where some of the country's biggest artists will speak about their music, community service projects, advocacy work, and the future of Tanzania's development. This event is organized to build a discussion around issues affecting our society and how social influencers like artists can play a role in finding solutions to these problems.