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Breaking through the Bottleneck: Green Energy in the Post-pandemic Era

July 18, 2020
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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With the lightning speed of technological evolution, China has now entered a new era of actively advancing wind power and photovoltaic power generation. How to increase the utilization ratio of renewable energy? How to further develop the photovoltaic application market? How to improve the energy price mechanism to take a step closer to "grid parity"? These are the crucial questions that we need to reflect on.

Please join our leading experts from academia and industry to discuss the development trends of new energy power generation and photovoltaic power generation after the pandemic, and find out how clean energy will transform our lives and change our world.

This webinar is hosted by Columbia Global Centers | Beijing, in partnership with China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN).



Jianjun Kevin TU is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy. He is also a senior advisor at Agora Energiewende, and an adjunct professor at the School of Environment of Beijing Normal University.

Prior to September 2018, Tu had served various positions including China program manager at Paris-based International Energy Agency, director of China Energy & Climate Program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC., partner at a Vancouver-based premier energy consulting firm, director of marine operations at China’s largest LPG importer and distributor, and construction project manager at Sinopec, a Chinese national oil company. Tu has more than two decades of solid experience in the energy and environmental fields in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, his research interests cover the full spectrum of energy issues including fossil fuel value chains, energy transitions, energy sector reforms as well as climate change, with a focus on U.S.-China relations and EU-China relations, and their implications for China’s energy & climate policies.


Dan LI has been working in Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) since 2007, and she currently serves as the Executive Secretary General of CREIA.

She has been engaged in wind power CDM project development and renewable energy policy research for more than a decade with extensive research experience in the field of renewable energy. The main achievements include Research on the Evaluation of the Basic Situation on the Implementation of the Renewable Energy Law, Research on Important Systems Related to the Legislation of the Energy Law, Renewable Energy Investment Trends and Policy Recommendations of One Belt and One Road Countries, Innovative Demonstration of Financing Mechanism for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects, Analysis and Policy Research on China's Renewable Energy Power Market, Research on the Mechanism of Local Financing Platform for the Pilot of Distributed Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation, etc. CREIA is committed to promoting progress of the renewable energy industry, facilitating energy transitions, and achieving coordinated development of energy, environment and climate action.


Ang ZHAO is the Co-director & Co-founder of Rock Environment and Energy Institute.

His research interests focus on climate change and energy transition policies. Articles have been published in: China Environment Series, Environmentally-Aware Business Models and Technologies, International Journal of Applied Logistics, Luye, "The Road to Green Transformation",, "China Environment" and "Environmental Resources and Energy Review". The Ishinomaki Environment and Energy Research Center, formerly known as the Ishigori Environment and Energy Research Institute, was founded in July 2012 and is an independent think tank that studies the environment and energy policy. Committed to promoting the establishment of environmental policy decision-making mechanisms based on procedural justice and rational criticism, so that society can develop in a more inclusive, fair and sustainable direction.


Hao Alan WANG is the Senior Strategic Manager of LONGi and Senior Researcher of PV industry.

He has in-depth research on photovoltaic technology, cost, market and future development trends. He was a senior research manager of a well-known listed oil and gas company in China. He has an in-depth understanding of energy transformation and a high proportion of clean electricity. He has participated in relevant work of the United Nations Climate Conference several times. LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2000. It has won"China's Top 500 Private Enterprises", national enterprise technology center, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "green factory" demonstration enterprises and the first batch of "manufacturing individual champion demonstration enterprises" and so on.


Wen MA is the Advisor to PowerLab Incubator.

Ma received his bachelor’s degree from the School of International Studies, Remin University of China and a master’s degree from Harvard Kennedy School. Ma is passionate about public welfare and environmental protection since his undergraduate studies. For years, he has participated in the UN Climate Change Conference and was invited to attend the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, where he talked with the former President of Brazil and the former President of Ireland. After graduation, he continues his efforts in clean energy research and innovation investments. He has years of experience working at Greenpeace and Nio Capital.


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