Past Event

Center Hosts Business School Executive MBA Lecture

May 9, 2013
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul hosted a lecture on May 9 delivered by two key speakers for the Columbia Business School Executive MBA group that was visiting Istanbul between May 7 to 11. Professor Cevdet Akçay, chief economist of Koç, and Professor Ahmet Evin, advisory board member of the Istanbul Center and the Jean Monnet Chair at Sabancı University, gave an extensive lecture to the group composed of 40 students and their Professor Boğaçhan Çelen.

Akçay spoke mainly on the economic landscape of Turkey, focusing on the pros and cons of the economic and political transition the country is going through. Evin delivered his speech on the geopolitical landscape in the country and throughout the region, with a special emphasis on foreign policy. This lecture provided the students with a wide picture of the country and the region.