Past Event

CYRILLA Collaborative - Tunis Meeting

June 15, 2019

Columbia Global Freedom of Expression, in cooperation with the Columbia Global Centers|Tunis, is hosting a one-day meeting of the CYRILLA Collaborative on Saturday, June 15th. The CYRILLA Collaborative is a global initiative that seeks to map and analyze the evolution and impacts of legal frameworks in digital environments. CYRILLA stands for the Cyberrights Research Initiative and Localized Legal Almanac, referring to the Collaborative’s keystone initiative, an open, federated online database that facilitates and accelerates the sharing, comparison, visualization, and interoperability of legal information on digital rights. At its core, CYRILLA organizes and makes accessible legislation and case law that affects human rights in digital environments so that a wide range of actors can more readily assess legal trends and their impacts in digitally networked spaces.

The Collaborative is comprised of the following international partners:

·Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

·The Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT)

·Columbia Global Freedom of Expression

·Derechos Digitales


·Social Media Exchange (SMEX) 

This event will take place right after the RightsCon Tunis.