Past Event

Digital Information, Mapping Tools, and Planning

January 13, 2021
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The panel discussion will explore the role of technology that are used today to help municipalities and governments identify the neighbourhoods most vulnerable to viruses. Technology, such as urban planning tools and mapping techniques, expose issues detrimental to communities like the lack of access to essential services and its correlation to higher infection rates. The panellists will investigate how digital infrastructure and information  is utilized in response to managing pandemics and emergencies. They will discuss the engagement of citizens in shaping their built environment, highlighting the tools used by them to access services, and the effectiveness of such tools.


Michael Krisch, Deputy Director, Brown Institute, Columbia University
Leah Meisterlin, Urbanist, GIS methodologist, and Assistant Professor in Urban Planning, GSAPP, Columbia University
Omar Tesdell, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Birzeit University

Introduction by Jawad Dukhghan, Associate Director, Studio-X Amman

Moderated by Laura Kurgan, Professor of Architecture and Preservation, GSAPP, Columbia University