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Emerging Security Threats in the Middle East: The Impact of Climate Change and Globalization - a Talk by Anders Jägerskog

November 23, 2016
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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This talk was based on the new book, Emerging Security Threats in the Middle East: The Impact of Climate Change and Globalization, co-authored by Dr. Anders Jägerskog. He focused on some of the major developments that are affecting the security situation in the region today, as well as for the future. Jägerskog went beyond the traditional focus on military or state security and took into account non-traditional security challenges such as food security, water scarcity, energy development, and large population migration. 

Dr. Anders Jägerskog is Counselor for Regional Water Issues in the Middle East and North Africa for the Embassy of Sweden in Amman, Jordan. He is also an Associate Professor at the School of Global Studies at University of Gothenburg, as well as former head of the Transboundary Unit at the Stockholm International Water Institute. He has worked at the secretariat for the Expert Group on Development Issues at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as Senior Programme Manager of Water Resources at the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi, as well as at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute on Middle Eastern security issues.

Dr. Jägerskog earned his PhD at the Department of Water and Environmental Studies at Linköping University, Sweden, with a thesis titled Why States Cooperate Over Shared Water: The Water Negotiations in the Jordan River Basin. He has also published over 100 scientific articles, book chapters and reports including Transboundary Water Management: Principles and Practice (2010) and Water Politics in the Nile River Basin - Land Grabs, Energy Investments and Changing Hydropolitical Landscapes (2016). 

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