Past Event

Entrepreneurship in a conservative culture: the art of swimming against the current

July 25, 2016
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Columbia Law School

A special lecture with Brazilian Entrepreneur
Arthur Pinheiro Machado

Entrepreneurship is associated with the ability to see beyond the everyday, to solve problems and to make decisions with skill and creativity. According to political scientist and economist Joseph Schumpeter, entrepreneurs are not necessarily motivated by profit, but regard it as a standard for measuring achievement or success. However, not all societies support entrepreneurship. Conservative societies, or those with a strong State presence, tend to criticize and create obstacles to entrepreneurship.

Moreover, the sense of entrepreneurship is not limited to risk takers in business. One can be an innovator in public service, in regulatory agencies or in various entities. We will explore how to be an entrepreneur in these circumstances, what challenges entrepreneurs have to face, and how to cope with them in a society where entrepreneurship is not a cultural value. We will also share our personal challenge of launching a new stock exchange in Brazil and how to swim against the current in an adverse culture.


About the speaker:

Arthur Pinheiro Machado is CEO and founder of ATG (America Trading Group), a provider of electronic trading services to the financial market in Latin America, which is building a new stock exchange in Brazil, in partnership with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE ) . Previously, he was a partner and member of the Executive Committee of Ágora Broker, having been a pioneer in structuring the first Electronic Trading area in Brazil for domestic and foreign clients in the brokerage. He was a member of the Equities and Derivatives committee of BM&FBOVESPA and of the Brazilian Society of Mathematics. Arthur has an extensive experience in corporate restructuring and is partner of a chain of schools in Brasilia, ALUB, that promotes quality education for all. He is currently a Member of Private Equity Funds Investment Committee. Arthur graduated in Mechanical Engineering from PUC, and has an MBA in Finance and a Master´s Degree in Mathematical Methods for Finance from IMPA.