Past Event

Equal Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

March 3, 2021
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
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CGC Tunis is hosting a panel about "Equal Access to COVID-19 Vaccine: Challenges and Solutions"!; in collaboration with In collaboration with Columbia Global Centers Amman and Istanbul.

3:30 PM (Tunis)| 9:30 AM EST

Among the world’s millions of refugees, there is concern that many may be excluded from their host countries’ national vaccine programs or face added barriers to access due to a shortfall of COVID-19 vaccine supplies. Even in host countries that have started vaccinating refugees, those who are undocumented may remain sidelined. Failure to include vulnerable populations in their coronavirus response will undoubtedly undermine a global recovery from the pandemic. This webinar brings together experts who will discuss the perils of vaccine nationalism. They will investigate what the international community needs to do to improve vaccination coverage for migrants and forcibly displaced people, and what is required to bring an equitable vaccine allocation process in refugee-hosting countries.

Yanis Ben Amor, Center for Sustainable Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University

Dr. Özge Karadağ Çaman, Center for Sustainable Development, Earth Institute, Columbia University
Dr. Amira Hamadeh, International Organization for Migration
Rula Amin, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees