Past Event

Film: "Clando"

June 26, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
4, rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris


1996, Jean-Marie Teno, Cameroon, Germany, 96 min.

Director Jean-Marie Teno in Person !

After being arrested for political activity in his native Cameroon, Sobgui is forced to get by working as a clando, an illegal taxi driver. One day his employer gives him a task, as well as a chance: to go to Germany and buy some old cars—as well as find out what happened to the employer’s estranged son. Seeing this as a chance to discover Europe for himself, Sobgui gladly accepts, but inexorably his high hopes for the world he thought he’d experience fade away in light of the actual society he encounters there. Already known for his sharp-edged, insightful documentaries, Jean-Marie Teno brings that same perceptive eye to this, his first released feature film, a bold view of immigration from the point of view of those who live it. Director Jean-Marie Teno will be on hand to introduce and discuss his film.