Past Event

Five years after the Paris accords: are we keeping the promises? | A Library Chat with Simon Kuper and Pierre Noël

October 30, 2020
4 rue de Chevreuse, 75006, Paris, France

Five years after the landmark Paris agreement, Simon Kuper and Pierre Noël will discuss the political, economic and societal dimensions of climate change policy. Emerging middle classes across the world aspire to consume like westerners, who aspire to keep consuming ever more.

Can it be done while bringing down global CO2 emissions and even terminating them, in just a few decades? Nearly 30 years after Rio (1992), 23 years after Kyoto (1997) and five years after Paris (2015), is the world moving in the right direction, at the right pace? Can the green energy revolution deliver? What difference does the Paris agreement make? What could be the political implications of continued warming and climatic change in the coming decades?

About the Series

Even amid the pandemic, the Institute is fortunate to be able to host some remarkable thinkers. Library Chats is a new series of filmed conversations bringing together Fellows, Visitors and guests in discussion of their work. Ranging from global warming to the art of filming street protest, from poetry to human rights, the Chats will traverse a terrain of ideas both contemporary and reflective.

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Organised by the Institute for Ideas & Imagination

Co-sponsored by Columbia Global Centers | Paris and Columbia | SIPA.