Past Event

Global Collaboratory Seminar - The False Choice: Public vs. Economic Health

July 29, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
New York (Online Webinar)

The pandemic is projected to cost the US almost $8 trillion over the next 10 years. It isn’t alone, unfortunately. No country will be immune from the toll. Knowing the cost, as well as the complexity, how can we think our way through this to optimize the ability to resume work and education, but not at the price of compromised health? Where should we be investing to build back better and healthier? Is our choice really, as some argue, between a robust economy and investing in health?

This webinar, part of the Global Columbia Collaboratory, will tackle this question from several viewpoints:

  • Is good health and the prevention of disease good for an economy, and is it a public good?
  • What is the most economical way to achieve a healthy population?
  • As we rebuild our economy, could this be an opportunity to address other global crises at the same time—sustainability, climate change, and inequity—as well as public health?
  • Are there countries taking a different approach, putting human health, well-being, and sustainability at the center of the economy they will build? 


Linda Fried
Dean of Columbia University
Mailman School of Public Health
Professor of Public Health Practice


Mary Bassett
Former Commissioner of the New York City
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Glenn Hubbard
Dean Emeritus, Columbia University
Graduate School of Business
Professor of Finance and Economics

Andy Haines
Professor of Environmental Change and Public Health, 
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Wafaa El Sadr
Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine, 
Columbia University

Harrison Hong
Professor of Financial Economics,
Columbia University

Safwan Masri
Professor and Executive Vice President
Global Centers and Global Development,
Columbia University

Shannon Marquez
Dean of Undergraduate Global Engagement,
Columbia University