Past Event

The Global Economy 2023: A Briefing on Inflation, Monetary Policy, Markets, and Big Data

February 22, 2023
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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Columbia Global Centers | Amman

In 2021, the US Federal Reserve miserably failed to recognize inflation building up in the economy. In 2022, cryptocurrencies collapsed, prices and interest rates rose, markets fell, and the dollar appreciated. Should we expect a recovery in 2023 or not? Could one leverage the power of big data to make sense of economic and market developments? What are some key trends shaping up in global markets that we should be aware of, whether we are investors, policy makers, educators, employees, or business owners?

In his talk, Professor Alexis Antoniades will analyze the origins of the market correction, discuss the monetary stance of the Fed and its implication for prices, markets, and exchange rates, and illustrate how big data is a powerful tool for understanding prices and wages, but also how the demand for skills is changing across the world, and the implication this may have for countries like Jordan.


Alexis Antoniades is an Associate Professor and Director of International Economics at Georgetown University in Qatar and a Senior Advisor at the Qatari Ministry of Finance. A Fulbright scholar with a Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University, he is an expert on global markets and a leading authority on the economies of the Gulf countries. His current research is on exchange rates, big data, prices, and labor markets.

Antoniades previously worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and at Princeton University, as the recipient of the prestigious Niehaus Fellowship. In his sixteen years in Qatar, Professor Antoniades frequently advises the leadership of both public and private sector organizations.