Past Event

Introductory Training on How to Conduct Credible, Effective and Impactful Research

March 30, 2019
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi, Westcom Point, 8th Fl, Mahiga Mairu Ave, Off Waiyaki Way

This training will be provided in collaboration with our partners - Brixwell Limited.

Technology and Innovation are rapidly growing and changing.  Research is growing from traditional to advanced tools.  Data is increasing but data utilization is lacking in the market. 

This training will give participants an opportunity to learn how to collect data, analyse data, report writing and presentation 

The program is tailored for final year graduates, PhD's, MBA, MSc, Corporates, NGO's, Government Administrators, Private Sector, SMEs and Researchers

Course Topics:

  • Proposal Writing
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistical Analysis using SPSS

In Proposal Writing you will cover;  Concept paper | Winning proposal development | Project/Proposal Presentation Techniques | Project Integration.

In Research Methodology you will cover; Topic Development | Questionnaires Design | Data collection methods and tools | Data analysis tools and visualization | Plagiarism management and Journal Publication.

In Data Analysis using SPSS you will cover; Descriptive Analysis | ANOVA/MANOVA | Correlation and Chi-Square
Cluster analysis | Factor analysis | Content analysis | Multiple and simple Regression analysis | SPSS data analysis | The diagnostic test: Multiple linear regression, simple linear regression analysis, run the Q-Q normality test, Kolgomorov Smornov test, data visualization, import and export of data in SPSS.

This event will be followed by a sequence of events through out the year to complete the essential topics.