Past Event

Leading into the Future- With Professors Dan Wang and Stephan Meier

April 21, 2022
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

The business world is changing faster than ever. To learn how you and your organization can keep up, thrive, and have the tools necessary to take on the future, join our 30-minute webinar with Columbia Business School Professor's Dan Wang and Stephan Meier, the faculty co-directors of our new Executive Development: Leading Into the Future program.

Both faculty will emerging discuss trends that may dramatically alter how business is conducted in the year's ahead, presenting on their specific research topics. More specifically, they'll focus on how data affects the future of work and the future of stakeholder management.

Learn how to:

• Identify key sources of digital disruption and economic trends that will affect business operations
• Develop a process for adapting to the future of the hybrid workplace
• Apply a framework for mastering the essentials of stakeholder management