Past Event

A Model International Mobility Convention: Rights and Governance for Migrants and Refugees

March 16, 2018
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
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Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai

According to the United Nations’ International Migration Report 2017, India is the largest country of origin of international migrants, which total 17 million people. Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai invites you to a workshop on the Model International Mobility Convention (MIMC) which has been designed by an academic commission brought together by Columbia University’s Global Policy Initiative. The MIMC project represents a consensus among more than 40 academics and policymakers in the fields of migration, human rights, national security, labor economics, and refugee law.

The workshop will offer insights into how academic processes and exercises can affect public policy and global decision making. It aims to foster discussions between MIMC commission member Professor Daniel Naujoks (Columbia University) and key academics and other actors on the gaps and potentials for the protection of migrant and refugee rights, with a focus on Indian migrant workers.

The workshop is open to academics, policymakers and practitioners in the fields of economic migration, labor rights, public policy, international law and governance.

About the Speaker 

Dr. Daniel Naujoks is Adjunct Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University. Dr. Naujoks  has published widely on migration and development, citizenship, ethnic identity and homeland-diaspora relations. In 2016-17, he served on the commission that drafted that Model International Mobility Convention (MIMC). Dr. Naujoks regularly advises the United Nations and also serves as the Research Coordinator for the Organisation for Diaspora Initiatives in New Delhi.