Past Event

Natural Experiments in Human Genetics

April 30, 2021
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Online (Tunis)

CGC Tunis is hosting a webinar about Natural Experiments in Human Genetics in collaboration with the University of Monastir Medical School.
Join this conversation with Professor Joseph Terwilliger about gene mapping in simple and complex disease and why we look for special populations to study, which resemble the kinds of experiments one might design in a model organism. He will explain basic concepts of gene mapping and then get into examples of various studies that he has been involved with around the world that were only possible because of the special unique characteristics of those populations. In other words, why gene mapping does not work very well in New York or London compared with more remote and isolated parts of the world.

Pr. Joseph Terwilliger, Professor at the Department of Genetics and Development, at the Columbia University Medical Center, Columbia University