Past Event

Navigating Work and Home Responsibilities during the Pandemic

July 8, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Along with the terrible toll it has exacted in lives lost, as well as negative health and economic impacts, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced dramatic changes in how families must navigate work both inside and outside of the home. Dual income couples are expected to juggle meetings and the demands of their job while educating their children and completing housework.  The home has traditionally been a space for relaxation and unwinding, but many have been forced to convert it into a workspace.

This webinar will bring together a team of experts who will address issues that are being experienced in the home as a result of the pandemic and will provide helpful tips on how to deal with these challenges.  The discussion will look at establishing the context and the problem and then how to address the problem.


Dr. Aaron Wallen - Senior Lecturer in Human Capital Management, Columbia University School of Professional Studies

Dr. Wallen currently is the academic director of non-degree programs and a senior lecturer in Human Capital Management at Columbia University School of Professional Studies.  As a researcher he focuses on gender stereotypes, ageism, negotiation, and quantitative methods. Additionally, he has been published in the major organizational and social psychological journals. In addition to his work at Columbia University, he has taught courses in New York University's Industrial and Organizational Psychology Masters Program. Further, he has done consulting work for human resources (HR) and human capital management (HCM) at top organizations like oldman Sachs, KKR, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and ReturnPath.

Dr. Susan Gitau
Department Chair and Lecturer at Africa Nazarene University in Kenya

Dr. Gitau has a robust career aiding those in need. She is a counselor supervisor accredited by Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association  (KCPA). Additionally, she is a counseling psychologist consultant and a certified mediator (MTII) and mindful self-compassion trainer (USA). Dr. Gitua serves as a trauma counseling expert and a media consultant who speaks on social and mental health issues. 

In addition to her numerous accreditations, Dr. Gitau founded the Susan Gitau Counseling Foundation. Here, she shares her passion to empower individuals and communities by teaching self awareness and growth. She extends this passion by volunteering at the Kenya Defense Forces & Soldiers of peace international (SPIA) For her persistent dedication to the betterment of her community and world, Dr. Gitau was the National Awardee of Mashujaa for humanitarian service and academic achievement. 

Dr. Julia Kagunda (Moderator)
Counselling Psychologist and Communication Specialist, Consultant at Elim Trust

Dr. Kagunda's primary area of expertise lies in addressing psycho-social issues in Africa through community-based interventions, with a special emphasis on building the capacity of community leaders who have been instrumental in addressing psycho-social issues in their communities, particularly sexual and gender-based violence and their links to mental health.