Past Event

The Neuroscience of Inequality: Does Poverty Show Up in Children's Brains?

April 8, 2019
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Auditorium of the Centro de Estudios Público (CEP), Monseñor Sótero Sanz 162, Providencia.

Conference by Columbia University’s Teachers College professor Kimberly Noble, expert on socioeconomic disparities in cognitive development, followed by panel discussion featuring Rodrigo Aguirre, Master on Public Health at Columbia University and psychiatrist at the Instituto de Neuroprotección Infantil (INPI), and Carol Bown, Undersecretary for Childhood Affairs at the Ministry of Social Development.  

As a neuroscientist and board-certified pediatrician, Kimberly Noble directs the Neurocognition, Early Experience and Development (NEED) lab where she and her team study how socioeconomic inequality relates to in children's cognitive and brain development.  Her work examines socioeconomic disparities in cognitive development, as well as brain structure and function, across infancy, childhood and adolescence. In collaboration with a multidisciplinary team from around the US, with funding from National Institutes of Health and a consortium of foundations, she is currently leading the first clinical trial of poverty reduction to assess the causal impact of income on children’s cognitive, emotional and brain development in the first three years of life.
*The conference will be in English with simultaneous translation.