Past Event

Open Call for Proposals: Funds Available for Projects by Columbia Alumni

April 14, 2020 - April 28, 2020
6:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The Santiago Center has created a special fund benefitting alumni living in Chile, from any Columbia school and/or program (including Teachers College and Barnard), who wish to develop research-based or other projects that: 

  1. Relate to COVID-19 and its impact in Chile.
  2. Deliver interesting and creative content that can be posted, presented or showcased online through the Center’s website. Creativity, originality and innovative ideas are highly encouraged.
  3. Can be developed either in English or Spanish.
  4. Be fully completed by June 30.

A maximum of CLP 4 million (four million pesos) is available per project. Alumni must apply by presenting a summary of the project in English as well as a detailed budget. Teams presenting a project must include at least one Columbia graduate from Chile, who will be responsible for reporting expenses and distributing payments.

All proposals will be evaluated by members of the Center’s Advisory Board (AB).

The deadline for submitting proposals is April 28 at 1:00PM.

Please use the following link to apply:

At the end of the project, the alumni that have been awarded funds must also submit a one-page written summary report of the project in English to be posted in the Center's website and newsletters, as well as present the respective boletas and/or facturas that document appropriate expenses.

Please contact Karen Poniachik if you have any questions.