Past Event

Professor Jane Gaines: Make Chinese Cinema Great Again!

June 24, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Columbia Global Centers | Beijing


Question: Why would an American want Chinese cinema to be great again?

Answer: When in past decades Chinese cinema was great. It was really great. Really really great. Great, as delivering a completely unforgettable viewing experience. Now think back to the Shanghai film studios in the 1930s and Beijing Film Academy in the 1980s and you will guess that something else is at work in the world enthusiasm for films of these two periods of Chinese history -- the Republican period and a shift in the Cultural Revolution landscape.

On June 24, please join Professor Jane Gaines from Film Department at Columbia University to talk about how to make Chinese cinema great again at Columbia Global Centers | Beijing.


Jane Gaines

Jane Gaines is a Professor of Film, Columbia University where she directs the MA in Film and Media Program and specializes in documentary, historiography, intellectual property, and silent cinema. Professor Gaines has written two award-winning books Fire and Desire: Mixed-Blood Movies in the Silent Era (University of Chicago Press, 2001), and Contested Culture: The Image, the Voice, and the Law (University of North Carolina Press, 1991). She received an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scholarly Award for her forthcoming book on early cinema, Pink-Slipped: What Happened to Women in the Silent Motion Picture Industries?.