Past Event

Rethinking Health and the City

August 5, 2021
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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On August 5, Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul invites you for the second webinar of the Heritage of Healing Webinar Series. Our speakers, Assoc. Prof. Ayşecan Terzioğlu, Prof. Chris Dole and Dr.Burçak Özlüdil, will discuss the role of healthcare reform in Turkey’s secular nation-building process, the medical topography beyond hospitals, and the past and present of the institutions, actors, and ideologies during the epidemics since the 19th century. 

This webinar series is organized alongside the exhibition 'Finding a Cure in Istanbul' curated by Melis Bektaş and held in the Yaklaşım Tüneli, a metro evacuation tunnel at the heart of Istanbul between June 26-July 19. The exhibit explored the concept of healing, based on the issue of accessing health in a big city, from the time of cholera to the coronavirus. We are witnessing a moment that asks us to consider the right to health, the right to life and the right to the city altogether. By linking body and place, the exhibit thinks through what collective life imposes on us in terms of distance, intimacy and responsibilities. 

Burçak Özlüdil is an architectural historian whose research focuses on the intersection of psychiatry/medicine, urban/architectural space, and uses of digital tools in these fields. She holds a Ph.D. in Urban Systems from NJIT and Rutgers University. Her dissertation, entitled “Madness and Empire: The Ottoman Asylum, 1830-1930,” was shortlisted for the BRAIS-De Gruyter 2019 Prize in Islamic Studies. Burçak is the co-founder of SpatioScholar, a scholarly digital platform for temporospatial analysis. Her research received support from the Social Science Research Council, Turkish Cultural Foundation, and Getty Foundation. She teaches courses on architectural history, medical history, and digital humanities. 

Ayşecan Terzioğlu is a faculty member at Sabancı University, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies Programs. She completed her Ph.D. at the City University of New York, the Graduate Center, Department of Anthropology following her B.A. and M.A. at Boğaziçi University, Department of Sociology. Her research and teaching interests include globalization and health inequalities, biopolitics, illness narratives, anthropology of the body, gender, and anthropology of the Middle East. She has several articles and two edited books on these topics, including “The Making of Neoliberal Turkey” (with Cenk Özbay, Maral Erol, Ziya Umut Türem, Ashgate 2016).

Chris Dole is a Professor of Anthropology at Amherst College whose research and writing explores the intersection of suffering, healing, and politics. His publications include Healing Secular Life: Loss and Devotion in Modern Turkey (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012), The Time of Catastrophe (co-editor, Routledge, 2015), and articles that have appeared in the American Anthropologist; International Journal of Middle East Studies; Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry; Ethos; and International Migration and Human Rights. He is currently working on a project concerned with humanitarian psychiatry and the affective remains of catastrophe in Turkey.