Past Event

Role of Energy Planning in a World with Low-priced Wind/Solar: Implications for Grids, Buildings and Electric Mobility

July 31, 2018
6:15 PM - 8:30 PM
FLACSO Auditorium (Av. Dag Hammarsjöld 3269, First Floor, Vitacura).

A workshop featuring Vijay Modi, a Columbia University professor of mechanical engineering who specializes in energy planning, infrastructure, storage, mobility and heating. The event will be chaired by Paula Estévez, a Columbia alumna (SEAS’07) that heads the International Division of Chile’s Energy Ministry.

The world is facing an unprecedented transition from an energy system that relies on carbon-intensive sources to renewables. By 2040, solar, wind and hydropower are projected to provide half the world’s energy. In a few decades beyond that, this fraction would have to grow even further. This new energy system will require a massive feat, or “repowering” of technological, institutional, economic and social change.

The types of energy systems we are transitioning to have never been deployed and run at this scale; supply is intermittent and land intensive. The transition will be accompanied by electrification of heating and mobility, which will certainly add additional electrical demands but may also offer favorable management opportunities.

Professor Modi will draw from lessons in New York State, to examine the role of geographic diversity, space heating, dynamic interaction with demand or flexibility, transmission, decentralization and storage. 

Location: FLACSO Auditorium (Av. Dag Hammarsjöld 3269, First Floor, Vitacura). 


*The event will be in English; parking available at Parque Bicentenario or at Hotel Atton Vitacura (Av Vitacura 3201).