Past Event

Roundtable Discussion on Syria with the International Crisis Group

May 20, 2013
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul hosted a presentation and roundtable discussion in cooperation with International Crisis Group on their recent report: “Blurring the Borders: Syrian Spillover Risks for Turkey.”

The panel was introduced by Professor Ustun Erguder, director of Education Reform Initiative at Sabanci University and an advisory board member of the Istanbul Center. Hugh Pope and Didem Collinsworth of the Crisis Group discussed their research into Ankara’s humanitarian and security challenges, including their interviews in Ankara, Brussels, Washington, New York, Washington and Moscow, the historical perspectives and the view from the border province of Hatay – whose geography and population make it a microcosm of Syria in Turkey.

The event brought together leading figures from Turkey's diplomatic circles, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, media, and academia. For further information on the report, visit: