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A Snapshot, A Discussion on Chinese Contemporary Private Art Museums

August 26, 2017
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Columbia Global Centers | Beijing
Event Intro

In recent years, the rapid development of Chinese contemporary art has introduced China's domestic culture into the global cultural dialogue. Today, private art museums have proliferated all over the country, exhibiting all types of contemporary art exhibitions; its quantity and exhibition quality has far exceeded museums within the public sector. 

On August 26th, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing invites professionals, scholars, and independent investigators to an open discussion on the development of contemporary art museums in China, exploring the reasons behind the rise of private art museums and their potential future problems.

At the same time, Columbia University Columbia College student, Shaun Wang, will conduct a special talk on his independent project. For the past three years, Shaun has conducted independent interviews with more than 40 Chinese private art museums, art centers, and art foundation; 54 art museum founders, directors, and CEOs. The project questions the operations, value, meaning, motivation and many other issues within these art institutions.

Yin Jinan

Yin Jinan is a famous art history scholar, a contemporary art critic, and an expert in ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy. Yin is known for his sensitive yet sobering approach in art critic. Yin also serves as the dean of the Humanities Institute of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, professor of Chinese art history, director of the Art Knowledge Research Center at China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Yin is also a distinguished researcher of ancient painting at the Imperial Palace Museum Research Center.

Nan Nan

Nan Nan is the current deputy chairmen of the New Century Art Foundation. Thanks to her extensive experience and insights into the fields of public welfare and arts, Wang has been exploring a new operational mode in the hopes of establishing NCAF and art foundations as a true alternative force for the development of Chinese contemporary art.

Colin Siyuan Chinnery

Colin Siyuan Chinnery is an artist and curator based in Beijing. Chinnery is the founder of “Sound Museum,” a project under development, and a contributing editor for Frieze magazine. In 2009 and 2010, Chinnery served as the director of ShContemporary Art Fair in Shanghai. He was the Deputy Director and Chief Curator of Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing between 2006 and 2008. Chinnery also served as the Arts Manager for the British Council in Beijing from 2003 to 2006.

Li Feng

Li Feng is the current Director of MinSheng Bank Art Organization. Li graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor and master degree in art history. Acquiring years of experiences in curatorial and art museum management practices, Li participated in founding the Minsheng Art Museum, the first non-profit art museum funded by a Chinese Bank. Li served as the deputy director and administrative curator of Minsheng Art Museum.

Shaun Wang

Shaun Wang, Undergraduate Student at Columbia University, Author of Snapshot: Independent, Investigative Interviews on Chinese Contemporary "Private Museums"

About Snapshot: Independent, Investigative Interviews on Chinese Contemporary "Private Museums"

Stemming from the curiosity of private museums’ rapid development, Shaun used the past 3 year's vacation to independently interview 40 private museums, art centers, and art foundations; 54 museum directors, founders, and CEO. Tracing the potential problems within these institution’s operations, value, meaning, and motive, Shaun conducted a 3-year long investigation.

To include a more global outlook, the book is bilingual in both Chinese and English. Shaun also created a "My findings" section, based upon his interview records and collected statistics and data, in the hopes of quickly introducing the development of Chinese private art museums in an objective, 'snapshot'-like manner.


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