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Supportive Social Environment for Older Adults in China with Professor Jinyu LIU

July 14, 2019
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
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Columbia Global Centers | Beijing, No. 26, 1F Core Plaza, 1 Shanyuan Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing

Population aging is a global phenomenon due to increasing life expectancies and decreasing fertility rates. China is of particular interest to gerontologists because of the speed at which its population is aging and the tremendous changes that have taken place in the social and cultural roles of families during the past three decades.

The individual–environment interactive model has been supported by abundant evidence from societies dominated by an individualist culture. However, it is still unclear to what extent the model works in family-oriented cultures and societies undergoing dramatic changes due to globalization, urbanization, and migration.

On July 14, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing invites you to a public lecture entitled "Supportive Social Environment for Older Adults in China," the fourth event in the 2019 Columbia Beijing Summer East Asian Studies Series, in celebration of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute's 70th anniversary.

The presentation will focus on the supportive social environment for older adults in China that features resources from multiple layers, including family, social connections, community, and social justice. In particular, Professor Jinyu LIU will present the results of her recent studies that explore the effects of friendship, spousal and intergenerational relationships, household context and community resources on mental health among rural and urban older adults in China.



Dr. Jinyu LIU is an Associate Professor in Columbia University School of Social Work and is also on the faculty of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa School of Social Work in 2013. Before joining Columbia in 2015, Dr. Liu completed her postdoctoral fellowship in the University of Michigan School of Social Work.

Dr. Liu's research focuses stress of Chinese family caregivers and mental health of Chinese older adults. In her research on family caregiving, Dr. Liu explored how the mechanisms of the stress process unfold in the cultural and social contexts of Chinese family caregivers. The findings of her studies in this field provide invaluable guidance for health professionals and community service organizations in developing culturally congruent interventions to address stress of family caregivers in China. In her research on mental health of Chinese older adults, Dr. Liu have investigated the effects of resources and barriers at multiple layers of the social environment—including family, friendship, and neighborhood—on the mental health of older Chinese. Her research in this area offers crucial implications for developing social services that help strengthen the supportive social environments for older adults and improve their mental health, especially in family-oriented cultures and societies undergoing dramatic social, economic, cultural, and familial transformations.

On both themes, she has produced substantive new knowledge that expands the existing literature and provides important and timely service implications for Chinese older adults. Dr. Liu has published a total of 27 publications in peer-reviewed journals and presented studies in various international conferences and institutes.


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