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University Leadership Series | Columbia's New Climate School: How It Plans to Make a Difference

January 28, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
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Join us for a frank and intimate conversation with three of the four founding deans of the Columbia Climate School, the first such school of its kind in the world, the first new school at Columbia in more than 25 years, and the first educational institution created in the school’s current design and structure. The global issues it seeks to address and the urgency surrounding them compel this bold approach. 

While no single university can possibly address all critical climate issues, Columbia is now well-placed to play a leading role in research, training, and preparation of successive generations of students, each of which will bear the impact of climate change in increasing measure. The new School will help galvanize the public and the policy makers to take the steps that are needed to secure our planet’s future.

Our conversation with the deans will cover three areas:


Why create such a school at Columbia? What educational programs does the new School offer?  Who are the faculty?  How do we envision the School growing over time?  As Columbia has a long history of work in geosciences, in particular, what does the new School bring that is truly new to Columbia and new to the world?


The deans will share how the academic power of the new School will be brought to bear on the most pressing issues in this post-Glasgow world of 2022. We know the new School is rooted in the hard science of climate change.  At the same time, the School will not neglect the broader areas of sustainability, social justice, and the environment which go beyond science as such. The three Deans, based upon their own personal experiences as distinguished climate scientists, will share how they address these broader subjects and embrace multi-disciplinary approaches. 


What sorts of connections will the new School seek with students, scholars, and research institutions around the world?  How can such connections extend the ability of Columbia to tackle the climate challenge?  How can global scholarly networks link arms with the Climate School to speed our common response to the climate challenge that confronts the whole world.

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Marika Olsen, Director of Communication, Columbia Global Centers