Past Event

What is Singing? - Guqin Performance by Wu Na

June 14, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Columbia Global Centers | Beijing

We cordially invite you to join us for What is Singing, a Guqin music performance by Ms.Wu Na, award-winning Guqin player, on June 14th. As “ the head of National Music”, Guqin is not only one of the oldest musical instruments, but also an important symbol of Chinese culture. All the elements of most traditional Guqin music, traditional poetry literati, recordings out in the field, and experimental music are to come together unto the stage though Wuna’s performance. 

Wu Na has invited one of her friends, Huan Qing, who has the spirit of traditional and modern art for a musical conversation to explore the possibilities of the unlimited.

This will be both a brand-new show and free improvisational performance, reflecting the instant changes of birth or death, people’s desire for freedom, equality, and peace and joy of the life.


1. Improvisation : Overture of a  Peaceful Night by Wu Na

2. Singing and  playing by Huan Qing Bamboo Twig Song  Note on a Rain Night to a Friend in the North The Best of Seasons Won't Forever Last

3. Guqin Solo: Three Stanzas of Plum-blossoms (Wu Na)

4. Improvisation by Wu Na and Huan Qing

5.  Guqin Solo by Wu Na: Flowing Water


18:30-19:20 Registration and Reception

19:30-19:35 Welcome speech by Columbia Global Centers | Beijing

19:35-19:40 Introduction by Wu Na, award-winning Guqin player

19:40-20:40 Guqin Performance

Invited Performing Artist:

Huan Qing (欢庆) ,Pioneer experimental musician, the collector of folk music.

The event is open to Columbia Alumni only. Registration is required.