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Women in Translation Month 2021: A Journey from East to West by Olivia Treynor

August 1, 2021 - August 31, 2021
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
Online Event
Women in Translation 2021

Welcome to Women in Translation Month 2021! Seven years ago, blogger and academic Meytal Radzinski took a critical look at the publishing landscape and noticed that the world of translated literature was heavily male-dominated. Reflecting on this gender disparity and wanting to create change, Radzinski started Women in Translation Month, an annual celebration of works in translation by women and other marginalized genders.

This August, we are proud to feature our 2021 batch of titles, a selection that stretches across hemispheres. We begin in Russia with The Voice Over, travel to Mongolia with Suncranes and Other Stories, continue east to Japan via In the Shelter of the Pine and An I-Novel, and finally land in the Americas with Literature in Motion. The schedule of the books during the month is as follows:

Week 1. The Voice Over: Poems and Essays

Week 2. Suncranes and Other Stories: Modern Mongolian Short Fiction

Week 3. In the Shelter of the Pine: A Memoir of Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu and Tokugawa Japan

Week 4. An I-Novel

Week 5. Literature in Motion: Translating Multilingualism Across the Americas

Make sure to join, engage, and enjoy!


Olivia Treynor

Olivia Treynor is a Bay Area-based award-winning writer, photographer and filmmaker. Her prose appears or is forthcoming in Yemassee, phoebe journal, Canvas Literary Journal, Cotton Xenomorph, and elsewhere. She is a student at Barnard College, a 2020 YoungArts Finalist, and an alumna of Chase SF Art & Film.