Past Event

Workshop: The Future of Film Programming and Curatorship

December 13, 2014
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro
Richard Peña

It’s now clear that the vast proliferation of films just about everywhere – from shopping malls to IPhones – poses more of a threat to film culture than it does a promise. Opportunities for alternative kinds of cinema often seem diminished rather than expanded; the reach of corporate-produced media seems ever-more extensive.

This situation has in fact made the roles of the film programmer and film curator even more crucial in today’s culture maelstrom. Faced with a seemingly endless supply of media choices, audiences more than ever need and seek guidance and direction about the cinema’s past, present and possible future.

Using examples culled from film programs around the world, from festivals, media centers, repertory houses, the new wave of “micro-cinemas,” and even the internet, Richard Peña will discuss both the history, development and the purpose of film programming and curatorship, discussing strategies behind the creation and promotion of successful film and media programs.