Columbia Global Centers Community Health Compact

Everyone in this community wants to minimize the risk that we will be exposed or expose others—essential workers, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, family, and friends—to COVID-19.

This compact is our community’s call to action and to recognize our shared responsibility for community health, informed by science and founded on mutual respect.

Each of us knows that we need to operate differently now than we did pre-pandemic, and that these changes require new habits and difficult adjustments. This understanding is the foundation for the Global Centers Community Health Compact.

All of us at Columbia and the Columbia Global Centers—students, faculty, and staff—commit to doing what we can to reduce and stop transmission of COVID-19. As individual members of this community and this compact, each of us commits to following the rules and obligations (see below). When off the grounds of Columbia we are expected to follow local public health requirements, including for face covering and physical distance.

Each of us has the responsibility to follow through on these commitments and the right to expect the same from others and from the Columbia Global Centers. In the interest of supporting community health and safety, anyone who does not adhere to these commitments, after being asked to do so by a staff member, will be asked to leave the location. Columbia University students who do not follow these guidelines may be referred to Student Conduct and Community Standards for a conduct review. 

These commitments are essential to protecting the public’s health, and to protecting ourselves, our neighbors, and each other. Each of us has an important role to play, and together, we can do what it takes to reduce and stop COVID-19 transmission in our shared Columbia community.

By checking the box below, I hereby acknowledge having read and understood this compact and I attest to abide by the following Rules and Obligations:
  • Maintaining at least six feet between yourself and others. 
  • Wearing a face covering over nose and mouth at all times. Exceptions when alone in a private room with a closed door and when eating, but must maintain six feet physical distance.  
  • Following basic health precautions including frequent hand washing/sanitizing and workplace and shared-space hygiene. 
  • Following signs and guidance posted throughout the spaces and buildings. 
  • Staying home when sick or after possible exposure to COVID-19. 
  • Participating in testing and contact tracing if required by local health authorities, and isolation and quarantine protocols, when required. 
  • When off-site, all Columbia community members are expected to follow local city and state public health requirements, including face coverings and physical distancing. 
  • Agreeing to the daily Facility Terms of Use before accessing a location, where not prohibited by law.

I agree to these terms for the duration of my stay at the Columbia Global Centers.
Nonconformity to these rules may jeopardize your access to the facilities. 

Location you are attesting for: