Book Talk & Discussion with Thomas Hatch: The Education We Need for a Future We Can't Predict

April 26, 2021

Watch the full webinar above.

On April 22, Professor Thomas Hatch of Teachers College, Columbia University discussed his new book, 'The Education We Need for a Future We Can't Predict', with education scholars in China. The experts shared insights on why efforts to change and reform conventional schools fail so often and what concrete steps we can take to transform the education system over the long term.

Over 300 viewers joined the webinar on the Beijing Center's local streaming platform. Attendees expressed their eager anticipation for Professor Hatch's next webinar on May 22.


About the Book

In order for educational systems to change, we must reevaluate deep-seated beliefs about learning, teaching, schooling, and race that perpetuate inequitable opportunities and outcomes.

In his new book, drawing on his experiences as an observer, researcher, educator, and an involved parent in the past 30 years in the U.S. as well as in other countries like Norway, Professor Hatch shows how to challenge the conventional structures, practices, and beliefs that define educational experiences for so many children and casts a new vision of what school could be.

This provocative book addresses current systemic problems and solutions as it:

  • Highlights global examples of successful school change
  • Describes strategies that improve educational opportunities and performance
  • Explores promising approaches to developing new learning opportunities
  • Outlines conditions for supporting wide-scale educational improvement