Alexis J. Hoag, "Policing Black Bodies: Race & Gender in the Criminal Legal System" | Episode 3 | #TheDomesticGaze

The third episode of #TheDomesticGaze is out!

Sinead McCausland
July 22, 2020

We are so honoured and pleased to feature Alexis J. Hoag in the third and final episode of this series of #TheDomesticGaze. 

Alexis Hoag is Practitioner-in-Residence, Eric H. Holder Jr. Initiative and a lecturer at Columbia Law School. She has spent over a decade as a civil rights and criminal defense lawyer, primarily representing capitally convicted clients in federal post-conviction proceedings. Hoag’s scholarship interests include race and criminal justice, capital punishment, and civil rights. You can follow Alexis on Twitter here

In her episode "Policing Black Bodies: Race and Gender in the Criminal Legal System", Alexis draws on her vast and impressive array of experience as a criminal defense lawyer to discuss the history of the criminal legal system, how and why the criminal legal system is so inextricably tied to slavery, why we should abolish the police, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the disproportionate impacts systemic racism has on Black women. 

You can listen to her important and informative episode on Spotify, YouTube, or Instagram.




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