Announcing RFP for President’s Global Innovation Fund Round 7

December 05, 2018

We are pleased to announce the Request for Proposals for Round 7 of the the President’s Global Innovation Fund. This competitive grant program is designed to provide support for faculty to work with the Columbia Global Centers, a worldwide network that facilitates collaborative engagement with international partners to address global challenges and advance knowledge. Awardees receive support to leverage the resources, expertise, and cross-regional connections of the nine centers, located in Brazil, Chile, China, France, India, Jordan, Kenya, Tunisia, and Turkey. A detailed description of each of the Columbia Global Centers can be found here.

President’s Global Innovation Fund (PGIF) provides support for faculty who want to utilize the facilities and resources of one or more of the University’s Global Centers for teaching, research, and service activities cutting across a broad range of disciplines. Across the previous six rounds of competition, 87 proposals were selected for funding and every Global Center has been engaged. Information on the program and the previous rounds of funded projects can be found on the Columbia Global Centers website at

We invite two types of proposals for PGIF awards: planning grants, which award up to $20,000 for a period of one year; and project grants, which award up to $30,000 per year for a period of two years, and are capped at $50,000 for the entire project.

The PGIF RFP can be downloaded here.

Proposals will be reviewed by faculty representing a range of disciplines and schools. The deadline for submission is February 5, 2019. Please click on the link above to review the eligibility and application requirements. 

We look forward to continuing to support Columbia faculty and researchers as they develop new projects and innovative curricula across the globe.