Beijing AI Film Screening: Tell a Story and Tell It to the Future

July 01, 2018

On July 1, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing in collaboration with GiGadgets Creative Foundation hosted a film screening event featuring six award-winning short films at the 2018 Columbia University Film Festival, including the winner of the GiGadgets Technology Award.

GiGadgets Creative Foundation is a science and technical foundation established by Tianqi Zhuo and financially supported by GiGadgets. Ms. Zhuo graduated from Columbia University School of the Arts in 2017. After coming back to China, Ms. Zhuo, collaborating with her friends, has participated actively in producing a wide range of film works including short videos, commercial advertisements, online movies as well as theater movies.

Many film and art fans from top universities and middle schools in Beijing participated in the event. The audience had an in-depth discussion after the screening.


The six short films include:



To realize her dream of discovering uncharted space, a determined female astronaut must choose to leave her humanity behind.



Language: Icelandic

A young couple's world is thrown upside down during a head-on collision on a remote road in Iceland.


Nice Talking To You

Language: American Sign Language, Arabic, English

Two strangers form a silent bond in the world’s loudest city.



Language: Arabic,  English,  Modern Greek

At a crossroad in Athens, many people of different nationalities, including locals, refugees and tourists come together. Only for a moment.


Rust in Peace


An abandoned robot awakens alone in a junkyard. He travels home, to his creator's ranch, to see if the love he feels is returned.


Iron Hands

Language: Chinese

As a 12-year-old girl prepares for her final test trying out for the traditionally all-boys Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting team, she makes an unlikely connection with the gym’s reclusive groundskeeper.