Brazil Lab launches its 2017 Challenges in Rio

The Civil Society organization arrives in Rio just a year after it was founded in São Paulo. The institution aims to help start-ups who want to engage more with the public sector.

Bruno Pantaleão
May 25, 2017

The current socio-economic environment in Brazil as well those from other major economies in the world are urgently calling for innovative processes that can guarantee sustainable progress. Civil-societies are eager to start playing a major role in policy-making. Entities like Brazil Lab are channeling some ideas and helping their creators to put them into practice by providing selected start-ups the knowledge and tools needed to face the challenges of doing business or providing goods to improve Brazil's public service. On May 25th, Brazil Lab launched its 2017 Challenges in Rio de Janeiro with the help of Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil Lab's founder, Leticia Piccolotto, has a proven track record on both entrepreneurship and public policy. Not only she was a part of the team who brought Endeavor, the worldwide entrepreneurship advocacy to Brazil, she also headed Brava Foundation, an important civil society organization working with the public sector, for a number of years.

Letícia welcomed Marcelo Salim, serial entrepreneur and education director of Start-up Rio; Rodrigo Neves, Mayor of Niterói and voted the most entrepreneurial mayor in Brazil by Sebrae; and Pablo Cerdeira, from the Center of Technology and Society at Fundação Getulio Vargas, to join her in inviting participants to elaborate project on the following themes: urban agriculture, communications and fiscal balance.

BrazilLab in Rio (May 25, 2017)