Brazil's pandemic crisis deepens because of Bolsonaro, says Jeffrey Sachs

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May 25, 2020

Professor at Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, Jeffrey Sachs was interviewed for BBC, and explains why Brazil's pandemic crisis is getting deeper because of Bolsonaro.

When Jeffrey Sachs published his book The End of Poverty in 2005, some considered him very optimistic because he believed it was possible to eradicate destitution from the face of the Earth.

But now, in the midst of one of the worst global pandemics and economic crises in several decades, the optimism of this renowned expert on sustainable development at Columbia University (USA) and the UN is hard to see.

"This pandemic is extraordinarily serious," Sachs said in an exclusive interview with BBC News Mundo, the BBC's Spanish service.

Sachs, who has been singled out by different publications as one of the most influential leaders or economists in the world, criticizes US President Donald Trump's response to the covid-19 crisis and what he sees as an attempt to create a Cold War with the China.

But he also criticizes the policies of Latin American presidents, such as the Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador or the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, considers it probable that Argentina will fail to pay its debt and describes "the worst scenario that we will see in the region in a long time"