On Campus: Discussion on Chile’s Political and Economic Outlook

March 10, 2019

Former Ministers of Economy and Foreign Affairs—Luis Felipe Céspedes and Juan Gabriel Valdés, respectively—and economist and financial specialist Dalibor Eterovic, met Chilean students at Columbia to analyze the first year of President Piñera’s government. They analyzed the government’s policy priorities, its challenges ahead and its relationship with the opposition. They examined the political and economic prospects of the country, emphasizing on issues such as trust in institutions, tax and pension reforms, employment and economic growth.

The audience—mainly comprised by SIPA, Teacher’s College and Law students—asked questions related to the future of the country, specifically in terms of policy options related to automatization and increased migration. There was a lively discussion on the importance of innovation, particularly about its economic, political and social significance in a developing country like Chile.      

This event was organized by the Santiago Center in association with the SIPA’s Latin American Student Association (LASA.)