Center on Sustainable Investment’s Involvement in Chilean Project

January 16, 2018

That site will host NuevaUnión, a greenfield copper and gold mining project being developed by Canadian companies Teck and Goldcorp, which entails an investment of around US$3.5 billionThe joint-venture between CCSI and Dinámica Plataforma aims at supporting the project’s effort to work with the local communities in creating consensus regarding the environmental, social and economic impact and reach of the investment project. This, in the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and with the objective of triggering and strengthening virtuous and shared-value relations with the community.

The Columbia team is led by CCSI director Lisa Sachs and senior economic and policy researcher Nicolas Maennling. The Dinámica Plataforma crew is directed by Mauro Valdes and Francisco Klima, both pictured here. 

The Project will last six months and will include two field-trips by Columbia experts to Huasco.