Co-Chair of the Parent Leadership Council at Columbia College meets with parents at the Beijing Center

December 12, 2017

“Columbia University has always valued feedback and support from parents, both domestic and international,” said Dr. Ya-Ning Amy Hsu. “The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) at Columbia College hopes to strengthen the connection between our school and families by keeping parents informed on school’s development and listening to parents’ voices.”

On December 12, 2017, Columbia Global Centers I Beijing invited Dr. Ya-Ning Amy Hsu, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College and Co-Chair of the Parent Leadership Council 2017-2018 at Columbia College, to share with parents of Columbia University’s undergraduate students on the evolving mission of Columbia University, the academic advancement and the dynamic student life at Columbia.

Dr. Hsu talked about Columbia’s Core Curriculum as a critical component for all the undergraduate students as it provides a vital, robust, and formidable foundation for a well-rounded education.  Dr. Hsu hailed the visionary initiatives of Dean James J. Valentini of Columbia College on students’ emotional wellness, collaboration, compassion, and social responsibility, all critical to students’ success and growth.

Dr. Hsu ended the 2-hour event with the aspiration that Columbia University strives to bring an exceptional experience to its students and their families.  Together, parents and Columbia University can give our students a rewarding and fulfilling education, in and beyond their college years.