Columbia Business Alumni Club of Chile Votes to Renew its Board

March 15, 2019

Daniela Dukes (MBA'17), Georges De Bourguignon (2017), Valerio Cecchi (1979), Teresa Ripamonti (2015), Alexander Sideman (2017) and Jorge Dominguez (2015) have been elected as members of the renewed board of the Columbia Business Alumni Club of Chile. Two other alumni were chosen to be part of the Club’s Advisory Board — Pedro Uribe (2017) and Gustavo Stubrich (1992).

The Club is organizing a series of events, including roundtable-discussions covering economic and business topics, information sessions for potential new applicants and workshops featuring Columbia faculty traveling to Chile. It will work closely with the Santiago Center as well as with the Columbia Alumni Club of Chile currently chaired by Graciela Ibáñez (Journalism’08). It also plans to organize joint events with other alumni clubs.