Columbia Global Centers| Nairobi and Tunis, Round-table Discussion on:Climate Change

August 26, 2020

On August 13th, 2020, Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi and Columbia Global Centers | Tunis hosted a Virtual Round Table Discussion for community members surrounding the theme “Climate Change: How Can You Join the Fight?” The event started with a short presentation covering the statistics globally and locally at Columbia University by the Program Manager, Pauline Muthoni, and two Regional Community Outreach Interns, Samantha Harrienger and Lan Phan. 

When asked whether individuals or corporations would be more crucial in combating climate change, participants pointed out that policies would make the greatest impact. Without infrastructures in place to support environmental sustainability, it would be less likely for the public to take an interest. Many chimed in some ways to shape policies such as incentivizing people to live more sustainably, improving the recycling system, and diverting from the usage of fossil fuels.

After the discussion of environmental justice and how developed countries emitted more greenhouse gas but developing nations suffered more severely the consequences, the conversation narrowed down to local actions at Columbia. With the Earth Institute and the upcoming School of Environmental Sustainability at Columbia University, members of the community hoped to see a bigger push for an institution-wide effort. 

This event, “Climate Change: How Can You Join the Fight?” is part of a series of round table discussions to discuss topics that are relevant to current events. Throughout this series, Columbia Global Centers | Tunis and Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi invite students in the region to join in on discussions about the pandemic, climate change, and much more. This platform is run by students, moderated by students, and a platform for students to openly share their opinions and ideas.